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A) Bluechart G2 navigation charts: compatible with all portable models having the MICRO SD CARD slot. TECHNICAL DATA: -Fishing charts. -Tidal charts, with indications of currents and harbour services. -Classic navigation charts. B) Bluechart G2 Vision navigation charts: compatible with all 4XX, 5XX, 7XX, 8XX, 10X plotters, series 4XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX, 7XXX and 8XXX. Bluechart G2 Vision navigation charts It offers: "Autoguidance" function which automatically alters course if there is a danger of submerged rocks (works with the autopilot) : superposition of the satellite images to the vector map. Aerial pictures of the harbours. Mariners Eye view: 3D perspective for simpler navigation. Fish Eye view: 3D prospective of the sea floor. Fishing map. Tidal charts with indications of currents and harbour services.

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloMaps modelElectronic supportSize
29.060.01Bluechart G2Micro SD CARDsmall
29.060.02Bluechart G2 Micro SD CARDregular
29.060.03Bluechart G2 Micro SD CARDlarge
29.060.10Bluechart G2 VisionMicro SD CARDsmall
29.060.20Bluechart G2 VisionMicro SD CARDregular
29.060.30Bluechart G2 VisionMicro SD CARDlarge

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29.060.03/30 LARGE 29.060.01/10 SMALL 29.060.02/20 REGULAR

29.060.30 LARGE

29.060.10 SMALL

29.060.20 REGULAR