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EPIRB 406 MHz with hydrostatic release, model GME MT403FF and MT403FG

- MED type-approved - version with or without GPS - automatic and manual activation - hydrostatic release cover when submersed more than 2-4 m deep, strong and UV-resistant, suitable for outdoor installations - long duration lithium batteries with end-of-service life after 6 years - complying with COSPAS-SARSAT system, class 2, category 1 - dimensions 158x386x103 mm, weight 1.1 kg - high-intensity solid stroboscopic light instead of the traditional xenon tube - IATA "non explosive" battery package suitable for air transport - micro-processor with digital technology for instant activation. Other devices can take up to 15 minutes to reach the optimum working temeprature.

Art. Nr.TypeVersionPrecision of localizationCompulsory in Italy for
29.647.00403 FFstandard< 5000 mpleasure boats over 50 miles
29.647.01403 FGwith GPS< 45 mfishing boats over 6 miles