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GLOMEX V9104 SATURN 4 antenna

Choose the 100 % made-in-Italy high technology of the Glomex satellite TV antennas. A 47-cm parabolic dish combining high quality, small size, excellent performance, lightweight and possibility to connect up to 16 independent decoder outputs thanks to the multi coaxial rotating joint (MCRJ) that allows to connect a multi switch box (supplied). The MCRJ allows the antenna to turn endlessly on itself around the azimuth axis in order to avoid any interruption of the view of your favourite program, both on sailing or at the anchor. DVB (Digital Video Broadcast), NIT (Network Information Table) and EGS (Electronic Gyro - Stabilized) are the three most advanced technologies present on the Glomex satellite TV antennas. Easy to install and equipped with a control unity for constant monitoring. Coverage as far as south of Sicily.

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