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RAYMARINE digital sounder module compatible with A/C/E display

Art. Nr.NewArticoloFoto ArticoloDescriptionCharacteristics:
29.713.50CP370 eco module to connect to the aSeries, cSeries and sSeries via a RayNet (A62361) cable to be ordered separately. For transducers, see 29.713.01/03.- 50/200kHz dual frequency. - 1000W power. – Automatic gain for clear and detailed images. - Longer impulses and faster ping rate for maximum definition.
29.713.01 Stern triducer for P66 600-watt DSM300.-
29.713.03 Through –hull tranducer for 1-kw bronze sonar + temperature B258.-

29.713.01 29.713.03 29.713.50