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Galvanic insulation switching voltage reducer

Galvanic insulation between input and output. Very useful to power computers, SSB devices, etc. Ideal for metal hulls. Low residual ripple: ripple lower than 50 mV RMS performance 90%. Protections: short circuit, output overvoltage, overheating. It can be used as booster battery charger, it extends the battery life cycle. Very useful when stable and neat voltage is needed.

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloInput voltOutlet voltOutlet continuous AmpèreCooling
29.997.1020/3213.8 ± 1%10static110x115x70 mm
29.997.12 20/3213.8 ± 1%20static140x115x70 mm
29.997.1420/3213.8 ± 1%30forced with fan210x115x70 mm
They can work in parallel to increase power

29.997.10 29.997.14