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Supercompact VHF MT-550 with Class D DSC + double channel AIS receiver

It monitors the AIS data received from Class A and B transponder. The data can be transferred to plotter/PC via NMEA interface. - This device complies with the EN-301 regulations and is JIS-7 watertight - 25 W / 1 W power - All local and international authorised channels available - Possibility to save up to 32 MMSI users - LAT/LONG when connected to GPS antenna - Possibility of interconnection with DSC plotter able to transmit the boat’s position or receive other boats’ position - 3 x channel scanning systems: priority, memorized, all - Instant access to 16 – Distress key for 70 DSC channel - Microphone with alphanumeric keys - Large DOT-MATRIX LCD display - The package includes a KIT for recess mounting.

Art. Nr. mmSupply
29.641.01160x165x69 H1.1712V