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GLOMEX V8100 Rhea - 12/24 V antenna

The new satellite antenna by Glomex designed to offer excellent signal reception thanks to the 470-mm (18") satellite dish and to reduced energy consumption (12 Vdc – 1.5 A/h). V8100 is a gyro-stabilized antenna equipped with a new high-performance HPD satellite dish combined to the new signal research software and to the innovative STO noise reduction system. In fact the antenna has been designed for a height radius (-9° / + 81°) able to increase the signal reception capacity. Moreover the new electronic system enables the antenna di make up for whatever quality loss due to the more and more satellites sent into orbit. Simple to install thanks to a coaxial cable (SCC) connecting the antenna directly to the TV. Rhea, with 3 preloaded satellites (Astra1, Astra2, Hotbird) easy to select from the control unit, it is preset to download new satellites and future free-of-charge updating.

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