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RAYMARINE inboard/outboard cockpit autopilots

The Evolution™ Autopilot Package includes the control unit, the EV-1 sensor, the power unit and an actuator. The most suitable actuator and ACU depends on the type of steering system and on the displacement of the vessel.

Art. Nr.NewArticoloFoto ArticoloDescriptionBoat typePackage includes - EVPackage includes - ACUPackage includes - rudder anglePackage includes - control unitPackage includes - actuator
29.623.07 EV-100 PowerMotor vessels, hydraulic steering (cylinder capacity: 50-110 cc)EV-1100not supplied as standardp70Rshydraulic pump, type 0.5
29.623.00 EV-100 WheelSailing vessels, max displacement 7,500 kg * (wheel steering)EV-1100not supplied as standardp70swheel actuator
29.627.03EV-150 Hydraulic packMotor vessels, hydraulic steering (cylinder capacity 80-230 cc.)EV-1150nop70Rshydraulic pump type 1
29.627.02 EV-200 Linear packSailing vessels, max displacement 11,000 kg * (wire/quadrant steering)EV-1200yesp70smechanical linear type 1
29.623.03EV-100 TillerSailing vessels, max displacement 6,000 kg (rudder steering)EV-1100nop70sbar-type
* Please, take into consideration full load displacement.

29.623.07 29.623.00 29.627.03