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Winch cover

Made of Sunbrella water- and UV-resistant fabric. Elastic fastening for snug fit.

Art. Nr.NewArticoloWinch typeMax height mmMax base mmColourStyle
68.098.01 Standard130140 BlueStyle A
68.098.02 Standard145140 BlueStyle A
68.098.05 Self-tailing160145 BlueStyle B
68.098.06 Self-tailing180150 BlueStyle B
68.098.07 Self-tailing200170 BlueStyle B
68.098.08 Self-tailing215190 BlueStyle B
68.098.09 Self-tailing230200 BlueStyle B
68.098.10 Self-tailing250205 BlueStyle B
68.098.11 Self-tailing280270 BlueStyle B
68.098.12Self-tailing315290 BlueStyle B

Style A

Style B