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LEWMAR PRO-Series 1000 windlass

Mirror-polished AISI316 SS construction. Easy to install, it only requires one bore to let the chain through. Efficient and reliable, faster line speed than most equivalent products. Built-in manual recovery system with the use of included socket wrench. 5-year warranty. It includes: - Bridge control. - Solenoid. - Circuit breaker. - Clutch release lever. - Fast mounting studs. - Template and gasket. - Ready to fit chain counter sensor. - Instructions in 6 languages (including Italian). Ideal for shipyards searching for fast installation, quality and style. Also perfect for the aftermarket for its all-inclusive package and DIY mounting.

Art. Nr.Motor - VMotor - WGypsy - chain Ø mmGypsy - lrope Ø mmPull - maxPull - continuosLine speed m/min - maxLine speed m/min - continuosCurrent drawRecommended circuit breaker AFor boats
02.531.0612700612454 kg113 kg322750 A709/12 m9,5
02.531.0812700814/16454 kg113 kg322750 A709/12 m9,5
02.531.86 Spare gypsy for 6-mm Ø chain 02.531.88 Spare gypsy for 8-mm Ø chain 02.531.99 Spare clutch release lever 02.590.21 Spare solenoid for Lewmar windlasses up to 700 W with dual chain, models 700V; ProSeries.