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Accessories for NTR Travellers

Available in 2 versions: -size 1: for all Lewmar tracks size 1 -size 2: for all Lewmar tracks size 2

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloVarianteDescriptionMax working load kg
68.781.01Size 1becket kit (pair)585
68.782.01Size 1Single sheave (pair)585
68.783.01Size 1Double sheave (pair)585
68.784.01Size 1Cam cleat with fixing plate (pair)180
68.791.01Size 1Upstand for block900
68.787.01Size 1Double sheave, becket and cam kit585
68.781.02 Size 2becket kit (pair)750
68.782.02 Size 2Single sheave (pair)750
68.783.02 Size 2Double sheave (pair)750
68.784.02 Size 2Cam cleat with fixing plate (pair)180
68.791.02Size 2Upstand for block1500
68.787.02Size 2Double sheave, becket and cam kit750

68.781.01-02 68.782.01-02 68.783.01-02