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LEWMAR accessories for periodic maintenance

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloDescription
68.915.016 x standard pawls for winch 5-48 and 66 + 12 pawl springs
68.915.026 x large pawls for winch 50-65 + 12 pawl springs
68.910.00Water-resistant grease for gears, 100-g package
68.916.00High-viscosity lubricant for applications where grease is not recommended, 55-ml package
68.915.00Winch maintenance pack including service manual, oil bottle, grease tube, brush and 10 pawl springs
68.959.59Lewmar TotalCote lubricant. 400-ml package. 12-pcs package recommended.

68.959.59 68.915.01/02 68.910.00