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LEWMAR spare parts for Ocean self-tailing winch

Art. Nr.Foto ArticoloVarianteFor winch model
68.954.01Feeder arm - 216ST
68.954.02Feeder arm - 228ST
68.954.03Feeder arm - 230ST
68.954.04Feeder arm - 234ST
68.954.05Feeder arm - 240ST
68.954.06Feeder arm - 244ST
68.954.13Feeder arm - 246ST
68.954.07Feeder arm - 248ST
68.954.08Feeder arm - 250ST
68.954.09Feeder arm - 254ST
68.954.10Feeder arm - 258ST
68.954.11Feeder arm - 264ST
68.954.12Feeder arm - 265ST
68.951.01Central collets - 316ST;28ST;30ST;34ST;40ST;44ST;46ST;48ST;50ST;54ST;58ST;64ST;65ST
68.950.01Roller bearing assembly - 1116ST;28ST;30ST;34ST;40ST
68.950.02Roller bearing assembly - 1144ST;46ST
68.950.03Roller bearing assembly - 1148ST;50ST;54ST;58ST;64ST;65ST
68.952.01Top cap - 116ST
68.952.02Top cap - 128ST;30ST;34ST;40ST;44ST;46ST;48ST;50ST;54ST
68.952.03Top cap - 158ST;64ST;65ST
68.953.01Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-616ST
68.953.02Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-628ST;30ST
68.953.03Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-634ST;40ST
68.953.04Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-644ST;46ST
68.953.05Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-648ST
68.953.06Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-650ST;54ST
68.953.07Upper/lower crown and stripper ring - 4-5-658ST;64ST;65ST
68.915.01Pawls - 1816ST;28ST;30ST;34ST;40ST;44ST;46ST;48ST
68.915.02Pawls - 1850ST;54ST;58ST;64ST;65ST
68.956.01Stripper ring - 516ST
68.956.03Stripper ring - 544ST;46ST
68.956.04Stripper ring - 548ST
68.956.05Stripper ring - 550ST;54ST
68.956.06Stripper ring - 558ST;64ST;65ST
The spare parts above are for winches of the Ocean series made after year 1992. The year is indicated on the drum top cap.

68.954.xx 68.951.01 68.950.xx