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AIRPAX/SENSATA toggle handle hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker with rechargeable automatic fuse

No need of fuses. Designed to stand overloads of up to 50% for a few seconds. They immediately disconnect in case of short circuit and cannot be reactivated until the problem is solved. Very compact, similar to traditional circuit breakers.

CodeBodyAConnectorsNeck ØRubber cap mm
14.738.05black polycarbonate5Faston12,7 mm14.738.0017x34,9 (front), depth 34
14.738.10black polycarbonate10Faston12,7 mm14.738.0017x34,9 (front), depth 34
14.738.15black polycarbonate15Faston12,7 mm14.738.0017x34,9 (front), depth 34
14.738.20black polycarbonate20Faston12,7 mm14.738.0017x34,9 (front), depth 34