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Self-adhesive plate

Made of aluminium, fitted with silk-screen indelible print, rust-proof; suitable for switch types: 14.917/918/938/925.

CodeVersionHole Ø
14.916.01Nav-Light12,5 mm
14.916.02Cabin Light12,5 mm
14.916.03Search Light12,5 mm
14.916.04Blower12,5 mm
14.916.05Anchor Light12,5 mm
14.916.06Bilge Pump12,5 mm
14.916.07Water Pump12,5 mm
14.916.08Panel Light12,5 mm
14.916.09Refrigerator12,5 mm
14.916.10Wiper12,5 mm
14.916.11Radio12,5 mm
14.916.12Horn12,5 mm
14.916.13Parall. Battery12,5 mm
14.916.14Flap Up12,5 mm
14.916.15Flap Down12,5 mm
14.916.16Compass.Light12,5 mm
14.916.17Windlass UP-Down12,5 mm