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CARLING SWITCH toggle switch

High tension thermosetting body, silver plated contacts, nickel plated brass lever and sleeve. Capacity of 15 Amp; very sturdy and functional model; best product available on the market; “Faston” terminals, pin size 12x10 mm; can be connected to 2 separate circuits.

CodeFoto ArticoloTypeCapacityRecommended for TerminalsRubber cap with brass washer OPTIONAL
14.938.01ON-OFF15 A-214.938.03
14.938.02ON-OFF-ON15 A-314.938.03
14.938.05(ON)-OFF-(ON)15 Ahydraulic flaps, electro-controlled spot lights, trims, lifts, etc.314.938.03
14.938.06(ON)-OFF-ON15 Abilge pumps in automatic-manual mode314.938.03
14.938.07(ON)-OFF15 Aelectric lifts, horns, flashing lights, etc.214.938.03

14.938.01/02 14.938.05/06/07