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Shower/waste water drain pump “Gulper 220”

Specially designed for pumping waste water, fitted with large single diaphragm, valves without waists, silent operation, no filter required; self-priming up to 3 metres; can run dry and pump air and water mixes, easy to install on confine spaces, fitted with double output valve, which ensures a continuous flow; adjustable inlets at 360°, low energy consumption.

CodevoltCapacity l/min at prevalence m 1 - suction m 0Capacity l/min at prevalence m 1 - suction m 1Max capacity l/minConsumption AmpMax prevalenceMax suctionHose connector
16.155.201213,412,6142,4/4,53 m3 m19 mm
16.155.402413,412,6141,2/2,23 m3 m19 mm

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