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WHALE Gulper 320 shower/black water drain pump

Based on a 10-year experience of Gulper 220, provides the same reliability with 35% more flow. Improved features with respect to the 220 model: 1) EZI-CLAMP patent the enables a 360° turn without the risk of losing screws. 2) 3-foot design for quick and easy installation. 3) Vibration-dumping rubber support belt 4) Hose adaptor for 25- and 19-mm Ø tube.

CodevoltCapacity l/min at prevalence m 1 - suction m 0Capacity l/min at prevalence m 1 - suction m 1Consumption AmpHose connector
16.156.12121917,47,519/25 mm
16.156.24241917,43,219/25 mm

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