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WHALE grey water tank with built-in electronic sensor

Ideal for grey water collection (showers, ice makers, sinks, air conditioners, etc.). Made of polyethylene with clear inspection lid, it can be fixed by means of belts or its fixing points. Both points have brass inserts for fixing to the drain pump. The "Gulper" pump can be mounted directly on the tank.

CodeFoto ArticoloVCapacity lFittings - inletsFittings - outletsFor pumps
16.222.9212/248,1250x250x165 mm19 mm x 2;
25 mm x 3;
38 mm x 3
19 mm x 1;
25 mm x 1
16.222.9612/2416,3500x250x165 mm25 mm x 4;
38 mm x 4
2 x 25 mm16.156.12

16.222.92 16.222.96