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Europump self-priming fresh water pump with 4 valves

Can run dry without getting damaged, no vibrations, very quiet, internal bypass monitors the pump and protects it against excessive pressure; permanent magnet engine with self-lubricating shafts. The 4-valve system prevents pulsations that normally occur with other fresh water pumps with a semi-open tap. Includes 4 ring connectors and an intake filter. The ring connectors and the filter have snap-in mounting.

CodeTypevoltCapacityConsumption AWorking pressure barSpare parts - ManostatSpare parts - Filter
16.512.12Europump 121212,5 l/min42,45213x105x95 mm16.540.0116.533.01
16.512.24Europump122412,5 l/min22,45213x105x95 mm16.540.0116.533.01
16.517.12Europump 181217 l/min62,80257x105x95 mm16.540.0216.533.01
16.517.24Europump 182417 l/min2,52,80257x105x95 mm16.540.0216.533.01

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