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Bronze self-priming impeller pump with mechanically-activated clutch

It can run dry without damage. Fitted with mechanically-activated clutch drive mechanism to engage/disengage pump as needed. Self-priming up to 5/6-m depth.

Code mm - A mm - B mm - C mm - D mm - E mm - F mm - G mm - H mm - I mm - LØ pulleyOutletsFittingsAt 1400 RPM - head mAt 1400 RPM - flow l/min
16.650.30130281248570Ø 990175157280110x1A1" 1/4MØ 301875
16.650.401303713010576Ø 990175157305110x1A1" 1/2MØ 4022120
16.650.501604016012591Ø 11120225188365110x2A2" MØ 5030230