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Selecta New battery switch

Can use batteries alternatively or simultaneously; fitted with copper contacts, stainless steel springs, PC/PTB/Fiberglass flame resistant casing, protective cable base; extra ring-nut for flush mounting (Ø size 95 mm); type approved by ISO 8846 MARINE EN 28846. . A) "MK II" version. selectable options: bank/battery “1”, bank/battery “2” or 1+2 simultaneously. Includes device that disconnects the alternator power automatically if is under the “OFF” position without switching off the engines; type-approval no. DIP006907SP. B) Version MK III. connects the engine start-up batteries and the service batteries simultaneously in position “1”, keeping the start-up batteries separately with motors, thus minimizing the risk of an accidental discharge if case of an emergency. The two circuits are connected among them under position “2”, type-approval no. DIP006907SP.

CodeFoto ArticoloModelMax power - intermittentMax power - in continuousFunctionsPick upBase mmHeight mmPins mm
14.921.00MK II450 A300 A1 - Battery 1; 2 - battery 2; 3 parallel;1500°104x1048010
14.921.02MK III450 A300 A1 - Connect services and motors with separate circuits
2 - Parallel between services and motors

14.921.00 14.921.02 MK III



Flush mounting ring