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Traditional spiral reinforced hose for WCs, pumps, etc.

Made of clear PVC, fitted with steel spiral. Very soft, it curves as much as its outer diameter without crushing. Ideal for sea cocks and skin fittings. WARNING: food-grade hose in compliance with CE 1935/2004 standard.

18.002.1212x18 mm60 m
18.002.1414x20 mm60 m
18.002.1516x22 mm60 m
18.002.1618x25 mm60 m
18.002.2020x27 mm60 m
18.002.2525x34 mm60 m
18.002.3030x40 mm60 m
18.002.3535x46 mm30 m
18.002.3838x49 mm30 m
18.002.4040x53 mm30 m
18.002.4545x58 mm30 m
18.002.5050x65 mm30 m
18.002.6060x75 mm30 m
18.002.7070x86 mm30 m
18.002.8080x97 mm20 m