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LEWMAR Ocean hatch

Classic style, rugged construction. For many years now it has been fitted to thousands of boats all around the world. CE-approved for AREA 2.

CodeModel external dimensions mm - X external dimensions mm - Y external dimensions mm - Z external dimensions mm - R external dimensions mm - HY external dimensions mm - HX cut-out dimensions (depending on trimming rings) mm - X1 cut-out dimensions (depending on trimming rings) mm - Y1 cut-out dimensions (depending on trimming rings) mm - R1Acrilic thicknessTrimming ring
19.420.101032432439,5751385255255402,2610 mm-
19.420.202026641139,5692255197342342,7410 mm19.413.21
19.420.303039152139,5753355322452404,510 mm19.413.30
19.420.404048548539,5752995416416404,7610 mm19.413.40
19.420.6060574574437636745025024010,812 mm19.413.60
19.420.7070694694437648746226224013,212 mm19.413.70
19.903.08 Hatch stay with supports

OCEAN series cross section, flat base