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POLYFORM F Series fender

White with heads in different colours, due to their robust construction, F4 and F6 can also be used as rollers for hauling in tenders on a slipway or beach.

CodeVarianteModel - cm - in - cm - in
33.512.09Blue headF115664251,210
33.512.08Blue headF02197,566261,610
33.512.10Blue headF222964251,810
33.512.11Blue headF322976302,410
33.512.12Blue headF4229104413,45
33.512.18Blue headF5301276303,25
33.512.13Blue headF63012109434,65
33.512.15Blue headF73815104414,85
33.512.14Blue headF83815147589,64
33.512.16Blue headF1160241455711,53
33.512.17Blue headF1380321957728,52
33.512.19Blue headF105120127508,62
33.522.09Black headF115664251,210
33.522.08Black headF02197,566261,610
33.522.10Black headF222964251,810
33.522.11Black headF322976302,410
33.522.12Black headF4229104413,45
33.522.18Black headF5301276303,25
33.522.13Black headF63012109434,65
33.522.15Black headF73815104414,85