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Circolare opening portlight

Made of nylon, elegant and functional shape, fitted with plexiglas lens.

CodeColourLockingNet light ØExternal sizeCut sizeHull thickness
19.750.01BI WhiteWing nut135 mm220 mm165 mm6/35
19.750.01NE BlackWing nut135 mm220 mm165 mm6/35
19.750.02BI WhiteWing nut185 mm270 mm215 mm6/35
19.750.02NE BlackWing nut185 mm270 mm215 mm6/35
19.750.03BI WhiteWing nut235 mm320 mm265 mm6/35
19.750.03NE BlackWing nut235 mm320 mm265 mm6/35