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Universal "intelligent" windshield wiper switches

Universal 12/24 volt, backlight LED light, look and flush mount sizes identical to genuine USA CARLINGSWITCH switches. Version for 1 windshield wiper Features:• On/off position; •3 intermittent levels indicated by LED lights; • 2 speed levels; • Washing cycle; • Automatic park position; • Dimmer to adjust the light intensity level. Version for 2 windshield wipers Features:• On/off position; • Automatic synchronization of two wipers; • One wiper may be activated individually; • 3 intermittent levels; • 2 speed level; •Washing cycle; • Automatic parking position; • Dimmer to adjust the light intensity level.

CodeNewArticoloVarianteVersion forFrame (optional)
19.754.01 For current max 4A1 windshield wiper14.197.01
19.754.02 For current max 4A2 windshield wipers14.197.01
19.755.01 *For current max 15A1 windshield wiper14.197.01
19.755.02 *For current max 15A2 windshield wipers14.197.01
* A power relay box is supplied in addition to the switch

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