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Bravo Superturbo electic inflator pump

Uses the turbine/piston solution, which eliminates parts that are subjected to wear and tear. Its stops at the set pressure; includes universal joints.

CodeRechargeable batteryFlow l/minDimension mmVConsumptionMax pressurePSI max220 V charger - OPTIONAL
66.446.98no450155x230x1151215 A300 mbar4,4-
66.447.10yes450155x230x1151215 A300 mbar4,466.447.22
66.446.99 *no450180x180x2801215 A800 mbar11,7-
66.447.11 *yes450180x180x2801215 A800 mbar11,766.447.22
* Specially suitable for ribs with inflatable hull.

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