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“Turbo Max Kit” Electric inflator pump for dinghies

Fixed version, for recess mounting. Ideal for installation on the console of the dinghy or near the tender garage. Inflator/deflator. Automatic stop at the set pressure.

CodeFoto ArticoloFunctionsVWFlow ratePressureCurrent draw AOPTIONAL caseOPTIONAL hose
66.447.01Inflation+deflation12540/7201000 l/min250 mbar (3.6 PSI)45/60330x210x230 mm66.447.0366.447.02
66.448.01 Inflation+deflation24525/9301000 l/min250 mbar (3.6 PSI)23/26330x210x230 mm66.447.0366.447.02
66.447.03 Case with clear lid for mounting flush with the steering console. Dimensions: 345x220x18 mm. Depth: 130 mm. OPTIONAL. 66.447.02 25-mm Ø tube. 25-m roll. OPTIONAL.

66.447.01 - 66.448.01

66.447.01 - 66.448.01