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Glue for Adeprene fabric made of neoprene and PVC

Adeprene two-components glue. It's the most appreciated glue by dinghy producers.

CodeFoto ArticoloFor dinghiesActivatorPackage
66.236.01neoprene-30 ml
66.236.00neoprene-65 ml
66.240.11 neoprene10 ml125 ml
66.240.10 neoprene30 ml500 g
66.240.01 neoprene50 ml850 g
66.240.02 *neoprene160 g2,000 g
66.240.51 PVC10 ml125 ml
66.240.60 PVC30 ml500 g
66.240.52 PVC50 ml850 g
66.240.53 PVC160 g2,000 g
* Industrial package

66.236.00/01 66.240.02