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Stainless steel conical flagstaffs

Mirror polished finish, includes base; fitted with adjustable flag mounting rings; supplied with top rubber bumper; very sturdy. All models include butterfly locking nut. Raked to 60°.

CodeLength cmFor flag cmØ mmBase made ofSpare baseJust the pole
35.390.0040max 20x3014chromed ABS35.390.0335.195.00
35.390.0240max 20x3014stainless steel35.390.1135.195.00
35.390.0160max 40x6020stainless steel35.390.1235.196.00
35.390.1080max 60x9025stainless steel35.390.13-
35.390.15120max 80x12025stainless steel35.390.13-