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Stylish and practical inspection hatch

Screw turning lock, 100% watertight, fitted with rubber “O-ring”.

CodeVarianteØ external mmOpening mm
20.204.00Polypropilene - white147102
20.206.00Polypropilene - white172125
20.205.00Polypropilene - white205152
20.207.00Polypropilene - white260203
20.204.20Polypropilene - black147102
20.206.20Polypropilene - black172125
20.205.20Polypropilene - black205152
20.207.20Polypropilene - black260203
20.204.01Trasparent with white ring nut147102
20.206.01Trasparent with white ring nut172125
20.205.01Trasparent with white ring nut205152
20.207.01Trasparent with white ring nut260203