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Stanchion for male bases

Made of mirror-polished AISI316 stainless steel. For mounting into the base with a screw that lets the stanchion rotate on the base for alignment with the stringer.

CodeFoto ArticoloØ mmABCF1 ØF2 ØRecommended base
41.176.1125x1,5625 mm615 mm300 mm10 mm10 mm41.173.25; 41.173.60
41.176.12 *25x1,5625 mm615 mm240 mm10 mm10 mm41.173.25; 41.173.60
41.177.0130x2625 mm615 mm310 mm11,7 mm11,7 mm41.173.30
41.177.0230x2750 mm740 mm440 mm11,7 mm11,7 mm41.173.30
* ORC-complying model

41.177.01/02 41.176.11/12