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White inspection hatch with removable front lid

Very sturdy anti-skid surface; splash-proof lid closure with neoprene seal; flush mounting; they can be used as hatches for lockers, fishing containers or as boxroom hatches or bayonet front bulkheads; removable front for easy access. Ideal for installation on dashboard with nearby steering bench.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloVarianteOutsideInsideOPTIONAL lock kit
20.302.20  white305 x 355 mm225 x 275 mm-
20.302.30  white375 x 375 mm295 x 295 mm-
20.302.40  white350 x 600 mm250 x 500 mm20.093.00
20.302.21   cream RAL 9001305 x 355 mm225 x 275 mm-
20.302.31   cream RAL 9001375 x 375 mm295 x 295 mm-
20.302.32   grey375 x 375 mm295 x 295 mm-
20.302.23  black305 x 355 mm225 x 275 mm-

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20.302.20 20.302.30 20.302.40

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