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Swivelling davits

Made with mirror polished stainless steel tube. The davits are swivelling and can be removed due to their easy mounting system - stainless steel bushings, similar to a ski hauling rod; the deck mounting part is supplied with a long length and may be cut to fit the desired size. It is recommended to preventhaving davit overhang parts on the deck over 40/45 cm. - Standard version: fitted with 2 stainless steel pullies, 2 stainless steel shackles, 2 stainless steel snap hooks, nylon line, nylon cleats, base bushings and deck bushings.

CodePipe Ø mmCapacity kgStraddle cmPart to fit in deck cmVersionExternal bushing Ø mm
42.353.0040125 per pair75150 (cut to measure)standard652