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Chromed brass deck filler

Fitted with special opening system that avoids the use of keys, coins or any other device. Designed to cover the flange completely, thus improving its watertight features. Version fitted with straight or 30° sloped joint pin (to be used when the fueling surface is sloped, in accordance with ISO 8099/1 standards). Fitted with small internal chain, 88-mm max Ø. RINA type-approved.

CodeFoto ArticoloTypeVersionNeck Ø mm
20.667.01FUELStraight joint 50
20.667.02WATERStraight joint 38
20.667.03DIESELStraight joint 50
20.667.04 FUELStraight joint 38
20.667.06 * WASTEStraight joint 38
20.667.07 WATERStraight joint 50
20.667.08 FUEL30° angle joint38
20.667.09 FUEL30° angle joint50
20.667.10 WATER30° angle joint38
20.667.11 DIESEL30° angle joint50
* long neck complies with ISO 80991 standards

20.667.01 20.667.02 20.667.03