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Soft horseshoe lifebuoy

Made of soft ethafoam covered with PVC. It conforms to the old Ministerial Decree 03/12/81. Versions: - Standard: lifebuoy only. It can be fitted with stainless steel bracket or with a PVC cover to be fastened to the pulpit with adjustable straps. - Accessorized: fitted with stainless steel bracket 22.418.00 + rack for floating rescue light 30.584.01 + floating rescue light 30.584.00.

CodeØ cmVersionColourBracket + rack + floating rescue lightOPTIONAL fabric cover - whiteOPTIONAL fabric cover - blue
22.416.0055Standard White22.418.00+30.584.01+30.584.00 OPTIONAL 22.424.2122.424.22
22.416.0155Standard Yellow22.418.00+30.584.01+30.584.00 OPTIONAL 22.424.2122.424.22
22.416.0255Standard Orange22.418.00+30.584.01+30.584.00 OPTIONAL 22.424.2122.424.22
22.419.0055Accessorized White22.418.00+30.584.01+30.584.00 INCLUDED 22.424.2122.424.22
22.419.0155Accessorized Yellow22.418.00+30.584.01+30.584.00 INCLUDED 22.424.2122.424.22
22.419.0255Accessorized Orange22.418.00+30.584.01+30.584.00 INCLUDED 22.424.2122.424.22