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Yamaha fuel connectors

CodeFoto ArticoloVersion
52.732.41Yamaha female connector, engine or tank side (ref. 6E5-24305-05). 8-mm Ø hose adaptor.
Also suitable for old Honda type 17650-921-003ZB up to 1991 and
Mercury/Mariner from year 1988, engine side
52.732.42Yamaha female connector, engine or tank side (orig. ref. 6G1-24305-05). 10-mm Ø hose adaptor.
52.732.51Male connector, engine side. Also suitable for Mercury/Mariner from 1988, engine side
52.732.58Wheel male connector with hose adaptor
52.732.59Wheel male connector with double hose adaptor
52.732.49Threaded male connection for tanks latest model 1/4" - 18 NPT
52.732.50Threaded male connection for tank old models 1/4" - 18 NPT

52.732.59 52.732.49 52.732.58