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FRANCIA liferaft complying with ISO 9650 standards

These liferafts are approved by the Marine Marchande Française and comply with the regulation “Division 333-2/310-1. Overhaul every three years. "Europe offshore" 1+24 hour version with full survival equipment.

CodeSeatsContainer cm
22.712.066stiff case73x47x34H61
22.712.088stiff case73x47x36H71
22.712.1010stiff case85x60x31H84
22.712.1212stiff case85x60x32H95
22.713.066soft bag73x32x43H58
22.713.088soft bag78x38x49H67
22.713.1010soft bag76x38x56H79
Indicative sizes for liferafts in soft bag.