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Manual toilet unit

Very sturdy, low modern line; can be installed above or below the water level line, fitted with 19-mm (3/4") inlet and 38-mm (1" 1/2) outlet pipe. The pump can be mounted on the right or on the left. With pump removable from the top. Spray Nozzle washing fitting for faster and more effective cleaning at very high pressure on all the toilet bowl surface.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloBowlBoardModel mm - height mm - width mm - depth
50.207.50 white porcelainwhite lacquered woodspace saver30545042510
50.217.30 white porcelainsoft close plasticspace saver28545042510
50.207.25 white porcelainwhite lacquered woodcompact34545042510,5
50.217.25 white porcelainsoft close plasticcompact34045042510,5
50.206.25 white porcelainbig soft close plasticbig34047049010,5
50.207.27 mirror-polished stainless steelsoft close plasticcompact3404504256,5
50.207.41 Complete spare pump (new type with opening from the top "YEAR 2000") 50.207.18 Complete spare pump (before 2000) 50.207.19 Seal spare kit

50.207.25 50.217.25/30 50.207.27

50.217.25/30 closed