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LEWMAR Low Profile hatches

- Overhang part of just 25 mm from the deck; type approved by EC standards for AREA 2.

CodeFoto ArticoloVersion withModelFrame overhang recess mm esternal mm - X esternal mm - Y esternal mm - Z esternal mm - R cut (change if you use the frame) mm - X1 cut (change if you use the frame) mm - Y1 cut (change if you use the frame) mm - R1Acrilic thickness mmHatche finishing couter frames + mosquito net
19.410.03stay up glass03152463012572,517623142,51,68-
19.410.10 stay up glass10153303302572,526026042,52,28-
19.410.20 stay up glass20152724172572,520234742,52,3819.413.20
19.410.30 stay up glass30153975272572,532745742,53,9819.413.30
19.410.40 stay up glass40154914912572,542142142,54,6819.413.40
19.410.41 stay up glass41152464912572.517642142.52,58-
19.410.44 stay up glass44155125122572,544244242,54,8819.413.44
19.410.54 stay up glass54154625772572,539250742,54,9819.413.54
19.410.60 stay up glass60155775772572,550750742,56,41019.413.60
19.411.30 holding arm30153975272572,532745742,53,9819.413.30
19.411.44 holding arm44155125122572,544244242,54,8819.413.44
19.411.60 holding arm60155775772572,550750742,56,41019.413.60
19.903.08 Seal bracket for hatch door equipped with supports

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