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Folding grapnel anchors

- Hot galvanized cast steel version. Counterweight bar fitted to the shank to improve anchor balance (Norwegian SAV system). - Mirror-polished AISI 316 stainless steel version, ideal for dinghies.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteABC
01.139.00Hot-galvanized cast steel0,7175 mm165 mm48 mm
01.139.15Hot-galvanized cast steel1,5310 mm265 mm75 mm
01.139.25Hot-galvanized cast steel2,5360 mm315 mm85 mm
01.139.32Hot-galvanized cast steel3,2420 mm365 mm100 mm
01.139.04Hot-galvanized cast steel4470 mm380 mm110 mm
01.139.06Hot-galvanized cast steel6565 mm440 mm130 mm
01.139.08Hot-galvanized cast steel8575 mm490 mm140 mm
01.139.10Hot-galvanized cast steel10610 mm595 mm130 mm
01.139.12Hot-galvanized cast steel12650 mm640 mm130 mm
01.138.15Mirror-polished AISI 316 SS1,5310 mm265 mm75 mm
01.138.25Mirror-polished AISI 316 SS2,5360 mm315 mm85 mm
01.138.04Mirror-polished AISI 316 SS4470 mm380 mm110 mm

01.138.xx 01.139.xx