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GUARDIAN speedometers

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteOPTIONAL chromed bezelTypeVolt mm - A mm - B mm - CSensor*
27.522.01White dial, white bezel27.455.010-30 knots1296856027.452.00
27.522.02 White dial, white bezel27.455.010-30 knots2496856027.452.00
27.523.01 White dial, white bezel27.455.010-30 knots with log1296856027.452.00
27.524.01White dial, white bezel27.455.010-50 knots1296856027.452.00
27.525.01 White dial, white bezel27.455.010-50 knots with log1296856027.452.00
27.525.02 White dial, white bezel27.455.010-50 knots with log2496856027.452.00
27.422.01 Black dial, black bezel27.455.010-30 knots1296856027.452.00
27.424.01Black dial, black bezel27.455.010-50 knots1296856027.452.00
27.425.01Black dial, black bezel27.455.010-50 knots with log1296856027.452.00
* All speedometers to be equipped with their sensor.

27.522.01 27.424.01 27.524.01 + 27.455.01

27.425.01 + 27.455.01


27.452.00 - Guardian electronic sensor for speedometers/mile counters