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Plough anchor

Made of very thick high-strength hot-galvanized steel. Similar to CQR anchors, excellent performance on all seabeds.

01.144.077260 mm640 mm340 mm230 mm540 mm220 mm55 mm
01.144.099330 mm780 mm410 mm280 mm600 mm280 mm65 mm
01.144.1212320 mm800 mm430 mm280 mm650 mm280 mm65 mm
01.144.1616380 mm950 mm500 mm320 mm760 mm310 mm75 mm
01.144.2222400 mm1050 mm490 mm360 mm800 mm345 mm80 mm
01.144.2727520 mm1090 mm520 mm380 mm830 mm380 mm85 mm
01.144.3535580 mm1110 mm580 mm410 mm920 mm410 mm95 mm