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DC-DC voltage electronic converter

It can lower the voltage from 24 V to 12 V. It includes a protection circuit against overvoltage and reverse polarity and short circuits. It stabilizes the voltage, which is necessary for some electronic equipment.

CodeNewArticoloFoto ArticoloVolt - InputVolt - OutputA continuousTypeEfficiency
29.997.01 20-3013,5±0,57Linear85%100x100x60 mm
29.997.02 20-3013,5±0,516Switching85%105x170x35 mm
29.997.0420-3213,4±0,528Switching96%120x100x40 mm
29.997.0520-3213,4±0,560Switching96%320x190x65 mm

29.997.01 29.997.02 29.997.04