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Integrated Shower WHALE "Twist"

Revolutionary and innovative, the hot/cold water temperature and the flowrate are set in an easy and evident way by rotating the lower part of the shower body. Its high capacity (8 lt/min) grants a powerful water jet. ABS body and grey rubber edges (blue rubber on request) to protect the deck from accidental impacts. Pipe length 2.5 metres. Easy installation: - special section pipe with T-joint and pre-installed quick-release couplings; - the flange can be installed from the outside with just one circular hole.

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CodeFoto ArticoloFunctionFlangeColorMinimum inner spaceFlange Ø
15.290.14hot/coldangled Grey150 mm120 mm
15.290.13hot/coldstraight Grey190 mm57 mm
15.290.11cold onlystraight Grey190 mm57 mm
The angled version is suitable for installation on vertical walls and where there is limited space in the inside.

15.290.14 Angled


15.290.11/13 Straight