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Line for chain and rope windlass.

Made with three-strand white rope and stainless steel chain link, the end part can be connected to the windlass chain.

CodeØLengthGypsy ØChain link ØFor windlasses
02.636.0110 mm35 m6 mm6 mmManual mooring, Lofrans: Project x1; Italwinch 02.407.01
02.636.0212 mm35 m6 mm6 mmLewmar: Pro-series 1000, V-700, V1, V2 Lofrans: Project x1, Dorado 500W, Marlin; Lewmar CPX0; Italwinch Ray; Italwinch RayLux
02.834.0014 mm35 m8-10 mm8 mmLewmar: Pro-series 1000, V1, V2, V3, V4 Lofrans: Project x1-x2-x3, Project 1000-1500, Dorado 700W, Clipper 700-1000; Italwinch Thunder, Italwinch ThunderLux
02.636.05 16 mm40 m10 mm10 mmLewmar: Pro-series 1000, V3, V4,V5 Lofrans: Project x2-x3, Project 1000-1500, Clipper 1000; Italwinch Thunder Lux Ø 16