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Round Line braid made of high-strength polyester

With 12 strands, it can be easily spliced by inserting the end into the braid

CodeVarianteØBreaking load
06.462.10 White10 mm1600 kg200
06.462.12 White12 mm2400 kg200
06.462.14 White14 mm3300 kg200
06.462.16 White16 mm4000 kg150
06.462.18 White18 mm4800 kg150
06.462.20 White20 mm5500 kg100
06.463.10 Blue10 mm1600 kg200
06.463.12 Blue12 mm2400 kg200
06.463.14 Blue14 mm3300 kg200
06.463.16 Blue16 mm4000 kg150
06.463.18 Blue18 mm4800 kg150
06.463.20 Blue20 mm5500 kg100

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