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High-strength eye-spliced mooring line

Made of high-strength polyester double braid with hand-spliced eye.

CodeFoto ArticoloVarianteØLengthEye Ø
06.444.41  Navy blue10 mm6 m20 cm
06.444.43  Navy blue12 mm7 m20 cm
06.444.45 Navy blue14 mm9 m20 cm
06.444.47  Navy blue16 mm11 m20 cm
06.444.48  Navy blue20 mm12 m20 cm
06.444.49 Navy blue24 mm15 m20 cm
06.444.30  White10 mm6 m20 cm
06.444.32  White12 mm7 m20 cm
06.444.34  White14 mm9 m20 cm
06.444.36  White16 mm11 m20 cm
06.444.38  White20 mm12 m20 cm
06.444.39  White24 mm15 m20 cm
06.444.90  Black10 mm6 m20 cm
06.444.92  Black12 mm7 m20 cm
06.444.94  Black14 mm9 m20 cm
06.444.96  Black16 mm11 m20 cm
06.444.98  Black20 mm12 m20 cm
06.444.99 Black24 mm15 m20 cm

06.444.49 06.444.99