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3-way ELECTRIC Y-valve

Electrified valve based on the manual version 50.234.00. With ON-OFF-ON switch to start the valve from either the control panel or the cabin. Designed to be used manually in case of failure. For pipes Ø 38/25 mm. External dimensions mm 250x180x200. Absorption 1.5 ampere 12 V.

CodeFoto ArticoloVariantevolt
50.230.12COMPLETE electric valve 12
50.230.24COMPLETE electric valve 24
50.231.12 Kit to electrify valve 50.234.0012
50.231.24 Kit to electrify valve 50.234.0024
50.232.00Optional panel with fuse and switch 12;24

50.230.12/24 50.232.00 Reduction joints INCLUDED